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About us

We are a team of people conscious about making a difference to our health and our environment.  We are dedicated to ensuring the reader and the advertiser are satisfied with our content and layout, while putting alot of time and effort into our investigative journalism and research.  We hope to appeal to both conservationists and consumers alike, keeping our approach fresh but informative, covering a wide range of issues.  These issues include the health of our body incorporating recipes, as well as the health of the planet.

We want to appeal to the young and more mature, men and women. 

We hope to be informative, but also want to add some fun to the magazine for guys, girls and youth.

Health is a universal language for the body, mind and planet.

What we are planning

Natures Calling is an environmental magazine with the purpose of creating awareness for various wildlife including birds and insects whose numbers are rapidly dwindling 1000 times faster in this day than in any other age.

We will involve various willing sanctuaries who are involved in conservation. In so doing will also draw attention to the featured sanctuaries and their possible need for sponsorships. 

Benefits to the advertiser

Our plan is to have each and every issue read by at least 2 to 4 readers.

We at Natures Calling are passionate about saving the environment and the content that our magazine holds is important enough for us to initially give our tabloid newspaper away to readers.

The content will be up-to-date on various topics that affect our planet negatively with possible solutions and changes that we collectively can make to improve how we live as a whole.

Our initial goal is just to create awareness.

How you can help

If your company is involved in anyway in conservation or greening our planet in anyway then we would like you to come in as a sponsor or advertiser.

With our launch advertising prices you can also have the option of purchasing advertising space with really good deals and various bulk promotional offers as well as be apart of the online world especially if you have an HQ code for your website that will link your ad direct to your website.