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YOU are the solution!

We are in the process of launching the start of our magazine website which will be filled with conservation news.

Back in 1993 I had a vision and wrote a poem.

I was concerned then already of the pollution affecting our planet but no one was ready to listen. It’s a great pity as we are bordering on a time when it could become too late very soon if we do not collectively act now.

As many of us who are already concerned about the state of our planet need to act now and need to act fast in order to change peoplesminds towards making a certifiable difference.

There is no time like the presence and it has become so crucial now. We are living in an age where if left any longer then we face the massive possibility that within the next 10 to 20 years a large number of our species face extinction.

This could be devastating to our entire ecology. This affects our entire food system and the living breathing life line of our planet.

It starts with our water systems, all our living creatures from the tiniest to the largest and ends with mankind.

We need to act now!

We need to act together!

Together with the website, e-magazine and print edition we also have a twitter feed and facebook page where we share a lot of information from various wild life conservation organisations. I strongly believe we need to help each other and stand together on many matters before it’s just too late.

Natures Calling You to Love out Earth.

Please support us in our effort to do so.